French manufacturer of welding equipment, battery chargers, and car bodywork welding

GYS : French manufacturer of welding equipment, de battery chargers and car bodywork welding.

With more than 40 years experience, GYS has become a key manufacturer in the fields of arc-welding, car bodywork welding and professional battery chargers.

GYS has built its loyalty on 4 main criteria : an internationally renowned R&D department, the use of cutting edge technology (IMS, CSM, automates), an aggressive pricing policy for a high tech product portfolio and a strong company culture, oriented towards innovation and product quality

To supply products according to the highest quality standards , GYS has chosen to develop its business by internally integrating all of the production stages: from conception to assembly, through carrosserie and electronic main boards manufacturing.

To meet increasingly demanding international needs, GYS has developed a specialized portfolio of products and offers today not only products with the most competitive price/quality/innovation ratio but also one of the industry largest range of accessories (over 350 references)

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